10 great things about cycling in Copenhagen

As you may know BBB turned one last week and what a ride that has been.  12 months 4 countries and two and a half teeth.  BBB has achieved a lot in her first year.

She had a nice little party complete with the compulsory Danish flag (x100), Brunsviger and Bolle.  We'll share more about how to turn one in Denmark in our next post.

But in the meantime we thought you might enjoy reading a little something we wrote for Bike Auckland.  A New Zealand not for profit membership organisation who are working to make Auckland a world class city for (and through) people on bikes.  Cool huh?  The world needs more people like this. 

Auckland was our previous home town before Copenhagen.  We were often stuck in many a traffic snarl up in Auckland so we're top supporters of the work Bike Auckland are doing to help create an awesome bike friendly city.

After coming across our blog post How not to look like an authentic Dane sharing our challenges looking scandi-licous while cycling in Copenhagen, they asked us to share a little more of what it's like living in one of the world's greatest cycling cities. 

So BBB and I put our heads together and came up with our list of 10 great things about cycling in Copenhagen.  There is likely many more reasons but we thought 10 was a good number to start with.

To check it out our full article head to Bike Auckland's website.  Pretty pictures included. 

Bike Auckland also have a great Facebook page so if you're a fan of all things good in life (especially if you live in Auckland) make sure you give them a 'like' to keep up with all things cycling in Auckland and share with your fellow cycling enthusiasts.

Check out our full article on Bike Auckland's website

Check out our full article on Bike Auckland's website