My 2018 'top 10' must read articles about living in Denmark

Nearly 12 months ago I came across a copy of ‘The International’. An independent Danish newspaper written in English full of real and entertaining information aimed at helping international residents in their adjustment to life in Denmark. I liked it. A lot.

So I reached out to the Editor, the ever so lovely Lyndsay, who gave me the opportunity to be part of her team sharing some of my experiences and advice for living in Denmark.

Since then I’ve had fun writing and sharing our ‘wisdom’ with a dash of humour, about life in Denmark.

Looking back at all of my columns for 2018 I realised that collectively they make quite a cool set of helpful and (I hope) entertaining information that in most cases is fairly timeless. Somewhat of a mini insiders guide to life in Denmark - also known as my ‘10 must read articles about living in Denmark’

So, I thought I’d group them all together in one place for easy reference. Whether you live in Denmark or not, I hope they give you a little slice of understanding of what it’s like to be an International living in Denmark.

Enjoy & let me know what you’d like me to write about in 2019!



Exploring the birthplace of IKEA

One of the best things about living in a new country can be escaping it. And in this case we escaped to the birthplace of IKEA, just 2.5 hours from Copenhagen.



Cycling for all abilities

Whilst most Danes are seemingly ‘born on a bike’, embracing the cycling culture can often be a challenge for new residents and visitors to Denmark. In this article we share several ways you can share the cycling culture with your next set of visitors.