PODCAST - My story of moving to Denmark

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I’m a connector. One of those people who knows someone who knows someone else that might just be helpful for you, or at least interesting for you to have a ‘yarn’ (conversation) with. I love being able to connect people either in the workplace of socially to other like minded souls who can help them.

As a New Zealander, it’s in my DNA to talk to strangers. Something I know that scares the beejeebas out many of you, especially the Danes (& Europeans) amongst us, but I urge you to push past that.

Talking to strangers is quite possibly one of the best things you can ever do opening you up to so many new possibilities. Share your story and you might even find yourself on a Podcast!

Because this was in part how I ended up on the Digital Learners Podcast talking about my journey moving to Denmark from New Zealand.

Hosted by the super talented and insightful Yishan Chan based in Melbourne, I stumbled across a podcast she had recorded in 2018 about visual branding. I had so many lightbulb moments from it that I felt the need to reach out to both her and Ruby Lee (whose Podcast Yishan was speaking on). Which turned out to be the start of two great connections - all because I reached out to ‘strangers’.

After sharing a bit more of story with Yishan she invited me to be a guest on her podcast, talking about life as an Expat and the journey of having to reframe my Talent Stack in a new country. Re-working my skills in different ways to help me find my new ‘value’ and unique advantage in a new country.

It’s not easy, and I’ve by no means nailed it yet. I’m still reminded almost daily that I am a ‘foreigner’. BUT. I am making progress. Small steps always lead somewhere.

In this podcast I share some of my journey of adaptation after moving from the corporate world in New Zealand to learning a new way of life in Denmark. And how it help create the space to start writing and finding a new path as a writer.

I’m currently working with a mentor and writing my first book which I hope to publish net year, all about the realities of living with a Dane in Denmark. A commitment that is currently exciting and overwhelming me in equal measures (the book, not the Dane). I’ll keep you posted with my progresa but I also welcome you connecting with me and asking me how it’s going in the meantime - to keep me honest and focussed!

But in the meantime, if your interested in hearing more about the reality of moving to Denmark and the challenges and opportunities that brings, then listen here. I hope you find something of interest or encouragement.

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