Currently living in Copenhagen we're exploring the world.

Bilingual Backpack Baby (BBB) is lucky to have a New Zealand mother and a Danish father.  She is a Dan-iwi. 

BBB has recently employed her mother as Chief Editor, Writer, Photographer and Social Media Manager to document her adventures with the view that they may be a. relevant b.interesting and c. possibly funny to others.   Sometimes serious, sometimes practical and sometimes interesting.  We hope with each post that we can tick at least one of these boxes.


Note from BBB:  All photography provided by Mum unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to use our images then you'll need to let Mum know.  She's normally pretty good if you ask nicely.

Life can be busy. Life can be complicated. But when given an option you should always make life an adventure. Do it while you can because one day you might not have the choice.
— Mum, Mother of BBB

countries visited by BBB so far

  • New Zealand

  • UAE

  • Denmark

  • Italy

  • Singapore

  • Rarotonga